Using Diploma Frames

Using diploma frames

Step 1: carefully place the diploma frame facing downward on a clean table. Beware of the glass within the frame package.

Step 2: gently turn the button away from the backing of the frame, to allow the components to be retrived.

Step 3: gently remove the MDF backing, matboard and window mat from the inside of the frame package. Try not to touch the inner side of the glass surface.

Step 4: place the window mat and matboard together, forming a tidy edge to edge positioning. Place your diploma between the two mats, ensuring the placement is in the middle of the window. Adjust the position until you are satisfied to the display.

Step 5: use a paper weight, gently place it on top of your diploma. Remove the window mat.

Step 6: use the self-adhesive photo corner provided by slide it onto the 2 opposite corners of the diploma, ensure the photo corners covers as much of the diploma corner as possible, before pressing it down to the matboard. Do the same to the opposite corner.

Step 7: place back the window mat on top of your diploma. Ensure the placement of the document is to your satisfactory. Adjust where necessary.

Step 8: remove the paper weight. Lift both of the mat and place it facing down onto the frame package. Place the MDF backing back to cover the frame package. Turn all the button to secure all the components in place.

Step 9: hang your diploma at your preferred location.

To ensure your frames and photo and art remains in pristine condition for as long as possible, we do not recommend displaying your frames in an area exposed to direct sunlight, heat, under or opposite an air conditioning unit.