How to use and keep the table stand

How to use and keep the table stand

All our small frames are equipped with table stand to allow our customers to display their valuable memories at the preferred place without needing to drill or install hook on the wall. Just with a flat surface, you are able to display your framed art piece. Due to the safety concerns, only small sized frame will be equipped with this table stand.

Step 1: Remove the item from the packaging.

Step 2: Turn to the back of the frame.

Step 3: Remove the metal table stand (S-shaped metal piece) gently from the bracket where it is secured onto.

Step 4: Turn the metal table stand so that the wider end of the piece is inserted into the bracket against the back of the frame at 90 degree.

Step 5: Now your frame can stand on its own!

To remove, simply remove the metal table stand and insert the shorter end of the S-shaped metal into the bracket, flat against the backing of the frame.

Please refer to the video below for better understanding.