How to hang your frames

We are always here to help you show off your newly framed photos and art to the world. Here are some tips to make hanging, displaying and caring for your frames easy. If you still have any trouble, let us know and we will be more than happy to guide you through!

How to hang your frames

All of our frames are equipped with secured wire for your convenience to hang the framed art piece on your wall.

Remove the item from the packaging.

Determine a position to hang your framed picture. Lay the framed picture flat against the wall.

Mark the wall along the top centre of the picture. A short line of few inches will be sufficient (Line A). This will be the line to guide the position to place the nail or screw later.

Look at the back of your frame, pull the hanging wire upward until so that it is taut. Measure the distance of the highest point of the hanging wire to the top centre of the frame. For sawtooth, measure from the top of the frame to the sawtooth. Use the same distance to measure from the mark you have made on Step 3. 

With the distance measured in Step 4, measure down from the centre of Line A on step 3. This will become the position where you place your screw. Please use tapping screw and wall plug for concrete wall and partition butterfly plug for dry wall.

Drill a screw into the wall.

Carefully hang your artwork over the screw. Make sure it is secure and level.