Our Materials

Printing Paper, Canvas & Ink

We print your image on semi-matte warm tone photo paper and artist satin canvas. We use Giclee fine art printing method, which offers one of the highest degrees of accuracy and richness of colour available in any of the reproduction techniques. The visual quality of the print result is extremely high with seeming continuous tone prints without dots, lines or barring.

Frame Moulding

All our frame mouldings are made from solid wood. We produce only upon order, instead of mass produce and stock. Hence, each of the frame is made to order and joined specially for your photograph.


We use acid-free mat board to protect and separate your print from the moulding and glass. To ensure best quality and precision, we use vector-operated mat cutter to produce each mat board for your art piece.


As for the glazing, we use ArtGlass anti-reflective glass to complete the frame package. As one of the premium glass, ArtGlass offers anti-reflective coating on both sides to reduce light reflection off its surface to about 1%. So, you can enjoy your photograph with minimal distractions!


Your photograph is mounted on acid-free foamboard, which has a uniform surface, light in weight and smooth.

Backing Board

We use MDF board to support everything from the back of the frame package. MDF board is sturdy and rigid enough to provide protection to the back of the frame package.

Brown Tape

Brown tape is used to secure all the frame components in the frame package and prevent the dust from accumulating inside the frame package.

Hanging Hardware & Bumpon

To ease your hanging process, we have already prepared hanging hardware which consists of hanging wire and its brackets, or sawtooth hangers, with bumpons already secured onto the frame, so that it is ready for hanging.

Table Stand

Our unique table stand is sturdy, minimalistic and very user-friendly. If you wish to display your photograph on the table or a flat surface, simply flip out the table stand from the back of the artwork, and you can now display your frame beautifully anywhere you like. See our Tips and Guide on using the table stand.