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Prawn Fish Moon by Mural Lingo

Prawn Fish Moon is our friendly shrimp-out-of-water created as a means to connect with children through his adventures around the globe. The red-and-white character bears curiosity for the planet Earth; educating children about many worldwide issues such as animals (specifically how human actions are causing animal extinction on a daily basis), the environment, encouraging curiosity, and exploring new horizons.

Through Prawn Fish Moon, we attempt to educate the young on worldly issues - such as pollution, animal endangerment, climate change, good health, responsible consumption and harmonious living (UN sustainable development goals); taking the character through stories that explore these issues that are easily digested by children. The children's initiative was created by the art collective, Mural Lingo.


Legend has it that Prawn Fish Moon was an ancient inhabitant of planet Earth, but decided to go on an adventure around the universe long before time. Now, Prawn Fish Moon is back on Earth trying new things, making new friends, and most importantly, feeling comfortable in its own skin, despite looking so different.

This curious creature named after what it resembles, that being a prawn, a fish, and a moon, has a zest for life and loves exploring. It hopes to continuously learn more about everything and live life to the fullest on this humble planet he calls home. Arriving back on Earth, Prawn Fish Moon explores a world covered by discarded material and aids animals throughout its journey. It is clear there are problems with the environment and Prawn Fish Moon wants to save our planet.

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