If saving as jpgs, it is advised to use the maximum quality setting for best printing quality. Please ensure that your image file is not a screenshot from another source, and it should be an original file with at least 72 dpi onwards. refer to below table for minimum pixel sizes for each of our aspect ratio and size.

Aspect Ratio/Size Minimum Pixel Size
1:1/Small 360 x 360
3:2/Small, 2:3/Small 432 x 288
16:9/Small, 9:16/Small 576 x 324
1:1/Medium 720 x 720
3:2/Medium, 2:3/Medium 648 x 432
16:9/Medium, 9:16/Medium 864 x 486
1:1/Large 1080 x 1080
3:2/Large, 2:3/Large 864 x 648
16:9/Large, 9:16/Large 1152 x 648
We use anti-reflective glass. The anti-reflective property of the glass allows less than 1% reflection so you can admire your photo without any distraction. Since our glazing is made of glass, we would not recommend hanging our frames in places like children’s room or play area, in case of the unlikely event that the frames fall.
We use Giclee fine art printing which offers one of the highest degree of accuracy and richness of colour available in any of the reproduction techniques. The visual quality of the print result is extremely high with seeming continuous tone prints without dots, lines or barring.
No, unfortunately, we do not edit your images. We only print the image you upload according to the size you chose and resolution, to get the highest definition possible.
If you choose to print your images on canvas, we frame it without glazing. However, if your images are printed on paper, we strongly recommend framing with glazing, as it protects against humidity and UV rays over time.